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Cheongsam, the traditional dress of Chinese women in China and the world, is known as the quintessence of China and the national dress of women. Although there are still many disputes about its definition and time, it is still one of the most splendid phenomena and forms in China’s long costume culture.
Cheongsam was formed in the 1920s. Some scholars believe that its origin can be traced back to the deep clothes of the pre-Qin and Han dynasties. It became the most popular women’s clothing after the 1920s, and was identified as one of the national Dresses by the government of the Republic of China in 1929.

Permanent Exhibitions

Women who like to wear cheongsam should mostly be silent into poetry, graceful and ancient. When they carry a sleeve of dark fragrance and rhyme, with a deep and shallow mind, through the dust of the years, behind them, they also leave a way of customs and a way of folk songs.

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Cheongsam, a flower blooming in the depths of time, with the elegance and meaningfulness accumulated in China for thousands of years, let the Oriental women across time and space, swaying their posture, and become an incomparably beautiful scenery. The perfect combination of the classical cheongsam and the Oriental women has amazed the time and softened the years. Women interpret the charm and style of cheongsam, which completes the gracefulness and elegance of women. No kind of dress can delicately set off the curvilinear beauty of women like a cheongsam, and no kind of woman can wear such charming, agile and dignified cheongsam like an oriental woman…

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In the flow of fresh or plain cheongsam, it slowly circulates with her delicate fragrance, which embellishes her brilliant but short life. Even natural plain colors can be matched with cheongsam so elegant and vulgar.

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