Enchanting and brilliant cheongsam

Enchanting and brilliant cheongsam


In a woman’s life, she seem to have an inextricable connection with clothes. Although a variety of colorful and dazzling costumes can be chosen, what makes women miss most is the graceful cheongsam. Cheongsam takes the lead in women’s clothing and women has countless ambiguous feelings with cheongsam. Recently, thousands of women in cheongsam held a grand gathering to “Promote cheongsam culture and cultivate elegant temperament” and called for the creation of cheongsam day on which every Chinese woman will wear cheongsam to show her elegant, noble, gentle and subtle temperament. The establishment of cheongsam day can carry forward the cheongsam culture of the Chinese nation, arouse people’s attention to traditional culture, promote people’s understanding of traditional Chinese culture, and inherit the beauty of cheongsam culture, which has once again aroused the cheongsam craze in China.



Cheongsam is also known as Qipao. With “Qi” in the word, cheongsam has always been inseparable from the Manchu history. Originated from the traditional Manchu women’s clothing, cheongsam was originally a kind of straight and loose robe, with upper garment and lower skirt connected. Its fabric was luxuriant and soft silks and satins, with complicated edge piping process.


From the 1920s to the early 1930s, cheongsam was quite in fashion. At that time, the cheongsam was tailored and designed to be feminized. With its unique combination of Chinese and western styles, cheongsam led the women’s wear and became the symbol of new woman. The design of cheongsam introduces more western-style clothing elements, such as sleeves, shoulder pads and zippers, so cheongsam is called a modified cheongsam. At that time, the changes of cheongsam style mainly focused on collar, sleeve and length. Its sleeve changes from wide to narrow, from long to short, while its hem changes from long to short, then from short to long, completely with the changes of the times.


Some people say that the essence of cheongsam lies in its high stiff collar and proper waistline design. I quite agree with this view. The high stand-up collar makes the woman involuntarily look up, and the proper waistline design fully reflects the woman’s figure. At that time, cheongsam was popular with high collar first, and the higher the collar, the more fashionable it was. Even in midsummer, the thin cheongsam must be matched with a stiff collar high up to the ears. Later, cheongsam with low collar became in vogue gradually. The lower the collar, the more fashionable it is. When the collar is at the lowest, women simply wear cheongsam without collar. The same is true for sleeve changes. There was a time when cheongsam with long sleeves was popular, with sleeves longer than wrists. There was also a time when cheongsam with short sleeves was popular, with sleeves as short to elbows. The cheongsam style had changed from wide to narrow, with shorter sleeves or no sleeves, and slits on both sides of the legs, revealing the graceful figure of Chinese women. Cheongsam makes women more confident and attractive. How can it not be admired?


Therefore, I have a special liking to cheongsam which has evolved from classical to modern. I like its combination, its elegance, its classical charm, its dignity and grace, and the gentle walking of ancient women. Subconsciously, I even wish I could travel back to the poetic and picturesque era of “Dry vine, old tree, crows at dust. Low bridge, stream running, cottages”.


Women in cheongsam look reserved, but in fact they are sexy and have a tranquil and beautiful appearance. Although sometimes women in cheongsam can make people fantasize, they also make people feel awe-inspiring and inviolable. Cheongsam clearly and plainly shows a woman’s temperament, accomplishment and connotation. Only when the cheongsam is worn on the oriental woman can there be countless oriental charm, which can appropriately set off the elegance and beauty of the oriental woman.


In fact, women have their own unique appeal, especially a woman with cultivation and temperament, who can send out an endless charm. If a woman wears a cheongsam that fits her well and highlights her figure, coupled with her elegant manners and self-restraint temperament, the charm of oriental women can be fully reflected. Cheongsam is dignified because of its unique feminine taste, while women are more charming because of wearing cheongsam. Cheongsam is the most feminine clothing, it will show different beauty for different women.


Only women can perfectly display and interpret the amorous feelings of cheongsam. Women are born with this kind of amorous feeling. In addition to displaying the quality of cheongsam, women in cheongsam could show their calm, smiles and natural feelings after their going through the twists and turns of life. The acquisition of this mature flavor not only require accumulation and precipitation in life, but also need spiritual experience, and preservation of simple human nature. The mature charm of cheongsam is embodied by Chinese women who are dignified, elegant, generous and elegant. This kind of oriental flavor can only be perfectly expressed by Chinese women.


Due to various reasons, there has been no news about cheongsam in China for several years. The spring breeze of reform and opening up has led women to pursue fashion cheongsam. After experiencing glory and decline, Chinese cheongsam is now quietly recovering. Even cheongsam enjoy increasing popularity among many enthusiasts at home and abroad. In the international fashion festival, cheongsam appeared frequently, and its elegance was even better than ever before. Cheongsam, as a formal dress representing the Chinese nation, also appears in various international social etiquette occasions. With its unique cultural details, cheongsam inherits the rich and classic Chinese complex, being the essence of Chinese women’s clothing and another dense mist with a thousand years of history. Nowadays, cheongsam has become the representative of China’s national costume and the symbol of Chinese culture, and has also been carried forward all over the world.


Cheongsam has unique traditional flavor and its beauty of fashion cannot be ignored. Beautiful and elegant cheongsam has experienced changes and led new fashions. It is the implication and inheritance of an oriental culture, with certain historical significance.


In recent years, the design of cheongsam has obvious retro features. The woman in the cheongsam is tender and charming, with a slim figure. Cheongsam has become a classic of perfect combination of quality and nobility. A pretty and virtuous woman in a cheongsam is like hibiscus flowers fresh out of clear water, plain and bright. Why not wear an elegant cheongsam to stroll around the streets of the city? The unique cheongsam sets off the beautiful scenery of spring and autumn. The moment the woman in a cheongsam glances back and smiles, she is especially charming. The elegant figure of a woman wearing a cheongsam dances in the wind and sometimes she is shy, but the charm of cheongsam has remained the same from ancient times till now.


Zhang Ailing, a female writer, said: the relationship between cheongsam and women is ambiguous. The ambiguous taste tempts all women, and no woman can resist the beauty of cheongsam. If you look closely at the colorful and elegant silks and satins of cheongsam, you can smell the connotation, demureness, elegance and amorous feelings in the lines.


When a graceful woman in a cheongsam stands in front of you, you will feel her modesty and amorous feelings. No dress can combine tradition and fashion so perfectly, nor can any dress combine implication and amorous feelings properly. If the cheongsam is compared to jade in traditional culture, then the cheongsam shows dignity and honor. The woman in a cheongsam has inherent beauty, both lively and introverted. As the upper garment and lower skirt of the cheongsam are connected together, the graceful figure of a woman is stretched to the maximum extent, highlighting her sense of fashion.


The design of cheongsam is in line with people’s traditional aesthetic standards. Cheongsam not only shows a regular, implicit and dignified aesthetic requirement of the Chinese nation, but also conforms to the gentle and restrained characteristics of Chinese women. The smooth curved line of the cheongsam embodies the feminine personality of women, while the slits on both sides of the cheongsam are conducive to women’s actions and reflect women’s fine leg lines. These changes are caused by aesthetic factors in clothing development. Cheongsam retains the traditional introverted style while showing the pursuit of self-beauty. Cheongsam has transcended the development of the times and has a universally applicable aesthetic feeling. Women in cheongsam are enchanting, graceful, attractive, gentle, dignified, with more true temperament, full of amorous feelings.


Unfortunately, not every woman is fit for wearing cheongsam, because some women are too thin and some women are too fat. Women in cheongsam who are too thin fail to show the rich charm of cheongsam, while women in cheongsam who are too fat are clumsy. The cheongsam can improve a woman’s graceful bearing only if she has the right figure and the cheongsam is properly tailored. Otherwise, wearing cheongsam will only highlight or even enlarge a woman’s figure defects. Therefore, women in cheongsam are called women with best quality. No matter how beautiful or enchanting the cheongsam is, if it is worn on a woman covered in fat, it is really the sorrow of the cheongsam.


Cheongsam can make women more attractive and feminine, but if women want to give off their unique flavor by wearing cheongsam, it is not an easy thing. Women should have beautiful makeup and fit figure to look good in cheongsam. How to make up a woman’s face and put on graceful cheongsam is also an art of dressing.


Whether Song Meiling, Lin Huiyin, Hu Die, Ruan Lingyu, Zhang Ailing and others wore classic cheongsam or modified cheongsam, in that impressive and changeable era, they all left too many memories in the image of wearing a cheongsam. I don’t know whether the cheongsam made the women of this era or whether the women of this era made the cheongsam.


In such an ostentatious world, there are too many changes. Falling in love with cheongsam is falling in love with eternal truth. I haven’t worn cheongsam for a long time. Last year, I happened to participate in a gathering of Guangyi students. The students had a gala, and the programs of the gala were compiled and performed by the students themselves. I was also wearing a cheongsam spangled with hand-painted Chinese flowers at that time. On the front of the cheongsam is painted a lotus flower with slight tip and a dragonfly napping. The blue border is like the light color flowing in the sky. The flowers in the cheongsam are full of romantic and dreamy atmosphere, perfectly fitting the implicative and elegant neck line. The design of sexy small buttocks perfectly shows the graceful and charming figure. The slit design at the bottom hem designs the feminine curve of a woman within a suitable size, so that it has an attractive charm that can be both folded and unfolded. I came to the stage in cheongsam to recite the prose poem The Green Bamboo Forest in My Heart, giving people a dignified and beautiful, classical and elegant aesthetic feeling. I stated the dream of cheongsam in my youth affectionately.


Although not many women wear cheongsam in the ancient city of Xunzhou, many beauties will wear cheongsam on some occasions, such as the wedding scene. Sometimes, there are several beauties in cheongsam in the street, which will make people envy them.


On a drizzly morning, a woman with a graceful figure, white and delicate skin and an umbrella was wearing a plain cheongsam with slight fragrance. She walked slowly forward with her head held high in the rain. She smiled faintly, giving a warm and elegant aesthetic feeling. This is the charm of women in cheongsam.


Cheongsam is graceful and lightly emits the fragrance of primitive simplicity. The gorgeous silk embroidered cheongsam wrapped around the figure of the beautiful woman, but finally the man’s heart was firmly hooked. In the beautiful and warm Xunzhou, gentle women in plain cheongsam always create atmosphere to the ancient city of Xunzhou. The cheongsam, which emits the fragrance of the times, also emits some long-lasting eternity.


Cheongsam is connected with women because of its modesty. When women are in cheongsam, they inadvertently show holiness, hidden restraint and gentleness. Looking back at the 100-year history, all kinds of cloth were being renovated again and again. As time went by, the cheongsam went through changes without changing its connotation.


Some people say that women in cheongsam are quiet and charming, classical and sexy. The woman in a cheongsam is always as beautiful as a clear flower. Wearing cheongsam makes people feel classical and aesthetic. The expression of an elegant woman in a cheongsam is like a flush in a garden. Her light shadow and natural glamour activate the aroma and tensile force of women.


Chinese women should have at least one cheongsam in their wardrobes. Wearing cheongsam is a woman’s best long-cherished wish in her life. It can make women wander and indulge in classical charm. Cheongsam, always a classic of Chinese women’s clothing, is the favorite of elegant women. The beauty of cheongsam is the visual enjoyment given to us by Chinese women. The beautiful woman in a cheongsam blends beauty into poetry and painting, holding up a colorful and fragrant clothing world.


As a fashionable woman, who does not have a cheongsam dream in her heart? A graceful woman in a cheongsam, with light steps, lingers in a secluded alley. Her delicate and charming face is permeated with the charm of youth. On a warm afternoon, a woman makes a pot of tea and reads quietly in a chair, enjoying the long-lost carefree and quietness. A woman in a cheongsam is like a wisp of spring scenery. She acts as if she went back to the remote years in which were very prosperous and colorful, making people intoxicated. The woman in a cheongsam always shows a kind of luxury, beauty, grace, intellectuality, and a kind of pure quality and gentle love!


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