Seven characteristics of a woman in a cheongsam

Seven characteristics of a woman in a cheongsam

Cheongsam was originally a national costume in the Republic of China and was in vogue in the 1930s and 1940s. Many experts deemed that Cheongsam began to be prevalent in the 1920s. By the 1930s, Cheongsam reached its peak and enjoyed great popularity in its birthplace, old Shanghai, and even all parts of China. Women who love to wear cheongsam are charming and elegant. Cheongsam embodies the most traditional dress culture incisively and vividly in the East, graceful and restrained, noble and generous. The women’s every move after wearing cheongsam has a strong amorous feelings. But do you really know that most women who wear cheongsam have the following characteristics?





Most women in cheongsam have good character and temper. They take everything easily in the world and do not seek fame and wealth, but they like to enrich their spiritual world. In addition, they often read some classical books to cultivate their sentiment. With a rich inner world and a normal attitude towards everything, they understand all kinds of life.


Give priority to temperament


Perhaps many women in cheongsam are not born with beauty, but they must all pay attention to their temperament. As we know, the external beauty will slowly disappear as time goes by, while the internal charm will never die! Therefore, women who wear cheongsam must pay attention to enhancing their temperament!


Maintain self-confidence



Not all women who are particular about their appearance are confident, but women  in cheongsam must be confident. As we all know, cheongsam actually makes great demands on figure, but there are still many female friends trying to wear cheongsam because of self-confidence. I believe self-confidence is inherent in women wearing cheongsam!


Elegant and cultured



After wearing cheongsam, only elegant women can show their temperament. Moreover, the design and tailoring of cheongsam are very particular about the beauty of posture’s symmetry and the etiquette requirements for the woman’s walking and sitting. Therefore, women wearing cheongsam can show beauty regardless of their happy or sad facial expressions.





Women in cheongsam are not only very cultured, but also very feminine. You won’t see them lose their temper in public, you will only see their gentleness and elegance, and after wearing cheongsam, they will reveal a charming temperament and make men tempted from inside to outside. This kind of sexy charm is revealed from the women’s bones, and there is no way to give up.


Gentle and considerate



Women in cheongsam not only have elegant temperament, but also are very gentle and considerate. Since cheongsam started its popularity in the south and most southern women are sweet, this elegant temperament is shown incisively and vividly after their wearing cheongsam.


Noble and open-minded



The reason why cheongsam can be used as a national costume during the Republic of China is because of its nobility. It is conceivable that a woman in a cheongsam has the feeling of nobility all over the body. Women wearing cheongsam are knowledgeable and generous, which makes many men feel inferior to them.


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