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Using website
Only those who have reached the age of 18 and are able to reach an effective agreement can use this website (minors are not allowed to use this website). Using this website means that you are over 18 years old. All information and materials provided by this website are for reference only. Some of the information and materials provided by this website may be provided by the franchisor, who has control over the policies and charters implemented on its website.
Usage restriction
Contents such as texts, charts, pictures, photographs, drawings, trademarks, trade names, service marks, logos, information obtained from the licensee of this website and other information (collectively referred to as “content”) are protected by copyright laws of the United States and foreign countries. The ownership of the content remains with the website. Using the content of this website in a way that is not explicitly permitted by these terms and conditions means that you violate these terms and conditions and may violate copyright law, trademark law and other regulations. Except as otherwise provided herein, these contents shall not be copied, copied, distributed, reprinted, downloaded, displayed, posted or disseminated in any form or in any way without prior written permission from the website or its licensee. The website allows you to view these contents and download a copy for your own legitimate, personal and non-commercial purposes, but you must add the following copyright declarations: “2018 Cheongsam Website, All Rights Reserved”, and retain other copyright and ownership declarations as indicated in the content. Other parts of the website may make special provisions for the use of other content provided by the website, which will be included in the terms and conditions in the form of reference entries. It is forbidden to use website content in any other website or networked computer environment for any purpose. Any rights not expressly licensed in this article belong to the website and its licensee. If you violate any of these terms and conditions, your permission to use the content of the website will automatically terminate, and you must immediately destroy the copy you created for any content of the website.
You may not create a copy of any content on this website or any other server without the written permission of the website. You may not use the website for any unlawful or prohibited purposes under these Terms and Conditions. In any case, your use of the site shall not cause damage, damage, overload or damage to the site, or interfere with the use and enjoyment of the site by others. You may not attempt to gain unauthorized access to the website through hacker technology, cracking codes or other means. The website has the right to terminate all or part of your right to use the website at any time without prior notice or notice for any reason or without any reason.
Submission of opinions
The website is very happy to listen to users’opinions, and you are welcome to make valuable suggestions on this website and our products and services. However, in view of the company’s long-standing policy, we cannot accept or consider any creative opinions, suggestions or information unless we explicitly request it. We employ excellent staff and consultants to provide creativity and inspiration for our company. We hope you will understand that the purpose of this policy is to avoid the day when projects developed by our professionals and/or consultants are mistaken for their own creative works. Therefore, please do not send us any kind of original creative information on your own initiative.
If you submit specific information at our request, or whatever we request, you submit creative suggestions, opinions, ideas, drawings, concepts or other information (collectively referred to as “information”) to us, such information will be treated as our possession and will always belong to us. Websites may treat such information as non-confidential information processing and are not responsible for any use or disclosure of any information. In addition to the above provisions, all the rights currently known or existing thereafter for such information of all types and nature in any field are exclusive to the website, and the website has the right to use such information for any commercial or other purposes without any compensation or liability to the information provider.

User communication
Any personal information you submit to Lisheng Hotel is protected by our privacy policy. In the case of inconsistency between the terms and conditions and the privacy policy, the privacy policy shall prevail.
Apart from the content described in the section “Submitting Opinions” (above), Lisheng Hotel does not claim ownership of any text, photos, drawings, charts, recordings, videos, audio clips or other content (collectively referred to as “communication”) submitted to Lisheng Hotel by users using the social networking tools we provide. For clarity, one difference between communications and other information you provide us is that once submitted, communications are immediately available for viewing or use by others. Communication examples include comments posted on our blogs or in chat rooms sponsored by us.
You agree not to engage in communications of the following nature: slander, defamation, incitement, discrimination, disgrace, falsity, threat, vulgarity, obscenity, pornography, blasphemy, abuse, harassment, invasion of privacy, hatred or attack; against sex, race, colour, sexual orientation, nationality, religious opinion or disability; against local, state/provincial, municipal, state or city International law; or infringement or violation of any right of any party. In addition, you agree that you will not: (a) engage in any communication for advertising or commercial purposes; (b) interrupt the normal conduct of the conversation, or conduct communications unrelated to the current topic of discussion (unless the discussion is clearly free form); (c) publish chain letters or illegal pyramid selling content; impersonate others; (d) disseminate viruses or other harmful computer code; (e) without their own Obtain or otherwise collect other people’s information, including e-mail, with consent; (f) Repeat the same information or spam; or (g) Participate in any other activities that restrict or prevent any other person from using or enjoying this website, or, in the judgment of Lisheng Hotel, cause any damage to Lisheng Hotel or any of its licensees, partners or customers of any kind. For.
Communicating means that you agree that such communications are not confidential, privately owned and may be disseminated and used by Lisheng Hotel. To communicate means that you confirm or guarantee that the owner of the communication content has explicitly provided the Lisheng Hotel with a royalty-free, permanent and irrevocable global non-exclusive license, allowing us to use, copy, create derivative works, modify, publish the content of the communication in any medium, medium, form, format or in any known and future development forums. Editing, translating, disseminating, demonstrating and displaying. Despite the above, Lisheng Hotel does not have to use any communication.
You are fully responsible for the content of your communication, the consequences of your communication, and your dependence on any communication. Lisheng Hotel is not responsible for the consequences of any communication. Lisheng Hotel is not responsible for shielding and monitoring users’communications on this website. If a user complains that a communication violates the terms and conditions, the Lisheng Hotel will investigate the situation and decide whether to delete the communication as appropriate. Lisheng Hotel is not responsible for the implementation or non-implementation of such activities.
Lisheng Hotel reserves the following rights (but not obligations): (a) recording the dialogue on the website; (b) investigating allegations that a communication does not comply with the terms and conditions of this article and deciding whether to delete or request deletion of the communication as appropriate; (c) deleting abusive, illegal, destructive, inappropriate or other communications that do not comply with the terms and conditions; (d) violating this article by users Termination of all or part of the user’s right to use this website under conditions or laws; (e) monitoring, editing or disclosing any communication; and (f) editing or deleting any communication posted on the website, whether or not it violates these terms and conditions.
Sales promotion
Any and all banned discount or promotional advertisements on the website are deemed invalid and subject to any official restrictions on such discounts and promotions.

Your account
When using this website, you have the responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of your account and password, and to set the permissions of your computer or mobile device. You agree to be responsible for any actions arising from the use of your account or password. The website reserves the right to refuse services, terminate accounts, delete or edit content and cancel orders as appropriate.
compensate for
You agree to protect, compensate and maintain the website, its executives, directors, employees, agents, licensors and partners so that they will not be liable for any claims, lawsuits or claims, compensation and settlement, including but not limited to reasonable legal and accounting costs incurred as a result of or accused of using the website or website content or violating the terms and conditions of this website.
General provisions
Visiting website content by some people or in some countries may be considered illegal. When using this website, you need to take risks on your own and be responsible for abiding by the laws of your jurisdiction. In the event that the terms and conditions are invalid or terminated for any reason, the following provisions remain in force: the responsibility of the website and its licensors and partners, restrictions on use, submission of opinions, user communications, compensation, applicable laws and complete agreements.
Applicable law
These terms and conditions are governed by Minnesota law of the United States, whether or not they conflict with the provisions of the law. You and the Website hereby expressly agree to and submit to the exclusive jurisdiction and disposition of any claims, lawsuits and disputes arising from these Terms and Conditions of the Henneping County Court and the Federal Court of Minnesota, USA. If any provision of this clause and condition is deemed invalid by any court having legitimate jurisdiction, the invalidity of such provision will not affect the validity of other provisions of this clause and condition, and these provisions will retain their full validity and influence. A waiver of any provision in these Terms and Conditions shall not be regarded as a waiver of such or any other provision or condition.
electronic signature
You declare and guarantee that you have legitimate rights, powers and powers to agree to these terms and conditions on behalf of yourself and associated members, buyers, suppliers or other entities that you represent when participating in website activities. You further agree that your use constitutes an electronic signature as defined in the Global and National Business Electronic Signature Act (hereinafter referred to as the “Electronic Signature Act”) and the United States Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (also known as the “UETA”) promulgated by the states, and that you have formulated, signed, concluded, accepted the terms and conditions of this Agreement and certified them separately, and confirm and agree with them. In terms of the Electronic Signature Act, UETA and the United States Unified Computer Information Transaction Act (also known as UCITA), these terms and conditions are electronic records, which are fully valid, legally effective and enforceable, and are irrefutable binding on you and the members, buyers or suppliers you represent.
Notification and deletion process
If you believe that any communication, information or other material available on or from this website infringes your copyright, you may contact the website (address as described below) and provide the following information to request the deletion of these contents (or access rights):
1. Point out the works you think are infringed upon. Please describe the work and, if possible, attach a copy or address of the authorized version of the work (such as a URL).
2. Point out the information and address of the infringement in your opinion. Please describe the information and provide us with its URL and any other relevant information that can help us locate the information.
3. Your name, address, telephone number and (if applicable) e-mail address.
4. A statement guarantees that you have sufficient grounds to believe that the use of the work is not authorized by the copyright owner, his agent or the law.
5. A statement to ensure that the information you provide is accurate, and that you are the copyright owner or authorized representative, if you are not willing to accept the penalty of perjury.
6. The signature of the copyright owner or authorized representative, or an electronic signature with the same validity.



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